What makes a great football coach?

What makes a great football coach?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching, and what inspires you about the most memorable coach you ever had might be the very thing that drove the next person crazy about theirs. Different situations and players call for different ideas and coaching styles. So what is it that makes a great football coach?


Communication must surely be at the top of the list. A great coach must be able to communicate with lots of different people – each player in his squad for starters – not to mention other staff at the club, officials, families, fans, the media, and so on. Communication is not something that comes naturally to everyone, and it’s not just about ‘downloading’ a message. Communication is a two-way thing, and if the message is not correctly understood by the intended audience, then the communication has failed. Every member of a squad must be able to understand the team’s goals, and the strategic and tactical plans for achieving them.

Man management

A good coach must be able to be a good manager, too, and that means recognising the different personalities and dynamics within the squad. It’s not all about who can shout the loudest at a group of players, although it wasn’t so long ago that that was considered good practice. In the modern game, a coach gets to know his players as people, so he can understand them and recognise what motivates them. He is able to then tailor his own style in order to maximise the relationship. This also involves getting each player to think as a part of a team and may mean purchasing Cheap Football Kits from stockists such as kitking in order to make the players feel like a team.


It’s no surprise that some of the best players go on to pursue a career in coaching after retiring from competition. They know the game inside out and have a sound grasp of the tactics. Much depends on having the best players on the pitch, but the best coaches win because they can read the opposition well, see how the game is playing out and react to that effectively.

There are numerous resources that you can find online to help with coaching players of all ages and courses that you can attend to top up your skills.

Of course, no matter what level they’re at, a great coach always has an eye on sustained success.

River Bailey (Author)